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Delay, Consequential Loss and Damage to the Goods

13. Delay, Consequential Loss
If the Carrier is liable in respect of unreasonable delay, consequential loss or damage other than loss of or damage
to the goods, the liability of the Carrier shall be limited to the freight for the transport covered by this Bill of Lading,
or to the value of the goods as determined in Clause 11, whichever is the lesser.
14. Notice of Loss of or Damage to the Goods
(1) Unless notice of loss of or damage to the goods, specifying the general nature of such loss or damage, is given in writing by the Merchant to the Carrier when the goods are handed over to the Merchant, such handing over is prima facie evidence of the delivery by the Carrier of the goods as described in this Bill of Lading.
(2) Where the loss or damage is not apparent, the same prima facie effect shall apply if notice in writing is not
given within three(3) consecutive days after the day when the goods were handed over to the Merchant.
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